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How to Use LinkedIn to Grow Your Business

 How To Use LinkedIn to Grow Your BusinessHow to Use LinkedIn to Grow Your Business

If you want to create a strong online platform with more activity on the professional front, LinkedIn is the best place to start.

When you communicate with your followers, you are communicating with the first level connections who serve as a powerful force when it comes to spreading the word about your brand. If you have employees you are also transmitting information about how awesome your business is to work for, as well as potential employees who are following you on the site. If you are interested in gaining a larger and more effective social following for your business, LinkedIn has tools that can help you achieve that.

Are You Still Wondering How to Use LinkedIn to Grow Your Business?

Here are some ways of using LinkedIn for business:

  • Lead Generation –- LinkedIn opens the doors for networking as long as your profile and Company Page are optimized and active. Posting unique and relevant content on a regular basis will result in more people finding your business amongst the crowd.
  • Increased Exposure –- Having a LinkedIn Company Page is one more way to gain attention for your business. Not only will this bring more prospects, but it will also help to send more traffic to your website.
  • Higher Level of Credibility –- LinkedIn is a great place to show off your business and gain trust amongst customers and prospects. One feature that helps is the “Recommendations” feature. The more recommendations you have from past customers and clients, the more of an opportunity you have to generate more serious leads and sales.
  • Show Off Your Companies Accomplishments -– Another way to build trust with potential customers and clients is to display your achievements and portfolios right on your profile. This will give everyone a birds-eye view of exactly what you have to offer.
  • Advanced Search Results – Generating sales effectively means reaching your customers effectively. LinkedIn makes this easy by offering a very thorough series of advanced search options that you can use to hone in on your target demographic with exacting precision. It is worth noting that some of the most advanced search tools are only available for premium members who pay for the privilege. This powerful, efficient indexing, however, can often pay for itself if it is used effectively.
  • Quality Business Connections – The most important benefit of LinkedIn is the fact that it is populated almost entirely by forward-thinking professionals such as yourself, who are similarly looking for ways to grow their businesses. This creates a unique culture of individuals who, in representing their respective companies, make business easier for everybody. The connections that you make on LinkedIn are noticeably more effective than those that you could get by cold calling or even references. This is thanks to LinkedIn’s meaningful use of information and to the people and brands the service has attracted so far.


5 Tips for Creating an Awesome LinkedIn Company Page

5 Tips for Company Page

5 Tips for Creating an Awesome LinkedIn Company Page

Your LinkedIn Company Page is one of the most important elements of your presence on LinkedIn. In order to maximize the benefits of using LinkedIn, you must have an eye-catching company page that represents you and your business in a meaningful way.

Five Ways You Can Improve Your Company Page:

  1. Create A Recognizable And Eye-Catching Banner – The banner of your company page is the first thing that most customers and business partners will see when they enter your page. For this reason, it is very important that your banner be recognizable and effectively branded. Customers will associate a professional-looking banner with a high quality page that offers useful information, products and services to them. Color is very important here, as choosing a scheme that matches your company brand, as well as the rest of the page, will create a smooth, pleasant experience for anyone who lands on your page. Another important tip for creating your banner is to make it similar to the one you use on your company Facebook or Twitter accounts.
  2. Pay Attention to Your Wording – Two of the greatest pitfalls to an otherwise healthy company page is the overuse of industry buzzwords and standard search terms that every business in the field would use. In order to help your page stand out, it is best to minimize your wordiness as much as possible. Even though it is tempting to try and prove your company’s worth through a detailed history of your successes on the market, those four paragraphs of information are going to wear out your user’s eyes before they finish reading. Keep your wording short and succinct for the best results.
  3. Include A Video – Customers and potential business partners who land on your page may not have time or may lack the mood to read too much. A quick, 30-second video that summarizes your company, the products or services you offer and your goals will help immensely in completing an attractive company profile.
  4. Keep Your Information Up To Date – This should come off as an obvious tip, but it is an important one, that many people forget about over time. There are quite a few LinkedIn profiles that, despite a very polished, professional look and approach, still display an old address of the company or an industry that does not match the company profile exactly.
  5. Update The Page – One of the most important aspects of using LinkedIn is keeping it active. This means taking advantage of the blog-style news feed format and delivering links to useful information, just like you would on Twitter. In fact, you can crosslink your posts in order to communicate more easily with your LinkedIn audience through another social media site. This lets you double the effectiveness of any post. There are many more tips that could help you use LinkedIn to your advantage, but no one could explain them and apply them better than an online marketing consultant familiar with the particularities of your business.

LinkedIn For Local Business

Is LinkedIn For Local Business ?

LinkedIn for Local Business


Pros and Cons to Using LinkedIn

If you are like many other small business owners, you may have reservations about using LinkedIn to put your brand on the map online. Using LinkedIn, of course, has its share of advantages that you should be aware of and that you should consider before deciding whether to join or not. Read more to learn more about LinkedIn for Local Business.

What Do You Want To Achieve Through LinkedIn?

The LinkedIn website’s service, like any tool, is only as useful as the skill of the person operating it. If you sign up for LinkedIn and immediately expect to see thousands of orders flying in, hundreds of job applicants and a multinational promotional deal on the table, your expectations may be too high for the moment.

When using LinkedIn, you want to clearly identify what the scope of your usage is. That usage can fall into any of the following categories: •

  • Connecting With New Business Partners – Perhaps you need product distribution in an area where you have no influence. LinkedIn can provide you with the contact information you need to make a presentation to the decision makers in charge there. •
  • Hiring New Employees – If you have specific needs for new employees to fill, LinkedIn has powerful filters that make it easy to narrow your search down and find exactly the people who carry those set of skills, live in your area and are available to work. •
  • Communicating With Your Audience – If you are a brand that is fortunate enough to retain a following that you would like to see grow, then LinkedIn offers you a great number of tools that you can use to cater to your audience and give them content and material to share.

After you have identified your goals, it is time to discuss the pros and cons of using LinkedIn. Clearly, the benefit of using a site like this is that you have a busy web portal readily available to help you raise awareness of your brand, service and products without costing you anything. You can strengthen the connection with your existing contacts, find new employees and contact potential business partners at the click of a button, maximizing your efficiency and reducing waste. Disadvantages are hard to come by, but they may appear if LinkedIn is not properly used. For instance, it may be tempting to spend all of your time on the website, sending generic presentations en masse to every person who could possibly benefit from your service. This would hurt more than it helps, since it would feel like spam and associate your brand with that feeling. It should be pointed out that most LinkedIn users spend only a few hours a week on the site, yet, they enjoy enormous benefits thanks to having built an effective profile that does most of the work for them. If you approach LinkedIn this way, it is always a good idea to sign up. To make sure you get the most out of your membership, it will not hurt to benefit from the services of an online marketing consultant, at least until you get the hand of it.